Thursday, August 11, 2011

ONE Year and counting!

Well folks, it has been a whole year and 2 months since I did the "big chop". I have had my ups and downs with my curls, but I know that I will never put a perm on my hair again. This past year I have:

-seen growth in my hair
- used numerous different products trying to find the "right" one (still looking)
- tried to straighten my hair myself (#fail)
- found a few hairstyles I can work with (the puff seems to be the easiest and quickest)
-perfected cornrows by 2 strand twisting my hair to my scalp
- did my own "kinky twist"
- found a Dominican hairstylist to straighten my hair

And the list could go on and on.

The Dominican lady I found name's Yomari. Her shop is in North Richland Hills. I am actually going there do get my hair done today. She is out of town until tomorrow, so another lady named D'Lissa (sp) is going to do my hair. I believe it is the same lady that washed my hair the last time.

I know I should have more to say with me being off here for a year and all, but I really don't. :) I will post some pictures of my different hair styles soon.